Finally a 3D printed model (Dr. Pepper cap for scale)


It finally happened. It was surprisingly difficult to get a model 3d printed. I contacted over a dozen different places in California trying to find a convenient and affordable solution to get a few iterations. No deal. Some places wanted to charge over $200 for one ship, other places couldn’t get it done in a timely fashion. Finally I ended up finding someone in Saskatoon that could do a print for me. It was as easy and cheap as I expected. If anyone is interested you can check out this site

Now that we have a 3d printed model what did we discover? The first thing was that buying a 3d printer might be a pretty good company investment. Second, and more importantly, our ships are designed to carry up to 3 resource blocks; unfortunately our concerns with the blocks sliding off is proving to be real. The obviously solution would be to add a railing system and while that’s a pretty easy task for a 3d printer it’s not so feasible for injection moulding in mass production.

This is a tough problem but we might have some solutions.