Kick Start Our Kickstarter


Well, our launch date is now 2 days away. We are super excited, but also super nervous. We have put countless hours of work into this project, but that by no means guarantees us any level of success, or that we will reach our campaign goal.

In order to be successful on Kickstarter, most projects need to sell a minimum of 50 copies of their board game within the first 24 hours. Ideally that number would be close to, or over 100. This is SO critically important because Kickstarter judges the popularity of the game based on the number of backers within those first 24 hours. The more backers, the more visible your game will be on the Kickstarter webpage. You will appear sooner on searches, possibly be chosen as a staff pick, and generally get a lot more exposure.


This is where you come in. We need you to kick start our Kickstarter. Help us get off to the right start on Monday, June 29th by becoming a backer. If you think you will support our project, then please do so within those first 24 hours. Choose any reward level that you would like/can afford and donate. We will be incredibly grateful.