Lots of hard work – Part 2


With all of that work complete, our focus turned to the business side of our project. When we first set out to create a board game our goal was just that, to create a game and launch it on KickStarter. But as we delved deeper into this project our goal shifted from creating one game, to creating a company that will produce many games. For this to happen we needed to sort out our finances, and figure out what expenses we would encounter. Our first step was to find a company that could manufacture our game. After much research we settled on Panda Game Manufacturers, a Canadian company based in China that came highly recommended by other successful KickStarters. We sent them our documents and a few weeks later we had a quote to manufacture our game.

Manufacturing costs are just one expense out of many. Shipping is also a major expense. There are many steps along the way before our game will reach our backers. We needed to figure out how we would ship our game from the manufacturer to port, then across the ocean, and then from there to our warehouse. We also decided to create a partnership with Amazon. Once our game reaches North America it will be stored in an Amazon warehouse. From there it will be shipped to our backers. This partnership with Amazon will also allow us to sell our game through them, after our KickStarter is complete.

There were other things we needed to sort out along the way as well. We have talked to customs brokers to understand the cost and process to bring our game into Canada and the US. There are also taxes that need to be paid at that time. On top of that we have accounting and insurance expenses.

As you can see, creating a board game requires a lot of work, but David and I are confident that we have done our homework and have more than covered our bases. That is why we can assure you that if you support our KickStarter Campaign you will receive a quality product.

  • Kevin Brown

    There aren’t any Canadian companies here at home that are competitive in terms of cost and quality? That’s pretty disappointing!

    • Chad Kosokowsky

      No there aren’t. At least we are supporting local in the sense that Panda Game Manufacturers are Canadian owned and operated. It is a bit disappointing though because we could have saved ourselves thousands of dollars in shipping.