Press Release


Saskatoon, Canada – On June 29th 2015, Cheese Block Games a Canadian based board game company launched their first board game, Cargo: Dead in the Water. The launch was much anticipated as they were able to raise over $7000 within the first 24 hours, which amounted to 15% of their target goal.

Cargo: Dead in the Water was created by board game designers Chad Kosokowsky and David Molesky. When asked about the unique qualities of the game Kosokowsky was quoted as saying “The game has a really interesting balance in that there is enough strategy to appease the hardcore gamers, but is also simple enough and easy enough to learn that casual gamers and even children really enjoy it.” Board game reviewer Cyrus Kirby of Father Geek had this to say about it, “I think this is a great gateway game…This is the kind of game I wish I had growing up.”

The game itself is a pick-up and delivery game that takes place in the Atlantic Ocean during the 17th Century. Each player controls a fleet of ships with the objective of picking up cargo from one port and delivering it to another port on the other side of the sea. The journey itself is not as simple as it sounds however, opponent ships can battle you and steal your cargo. Then there is the dreaded pirates which appear and may also steal your booty. All the while, you must monitor the market to ensure that you get maximum value for your cargo when it is delivered.

Designer, David Molesky, added, “The game is also historically accurate. We spent a great deal of time researching Atlantic Trade during the 17th Century. We figured if we were going to actually use the world map as our game board, then we should ensure that the game was accurate. Although not its original purpose, our game could actually be used as an educational tool.”

Kosokowsky and Molesky are really hopeful that their first Kickstarter campaign will be successful. Kosokowsky believes “success on this campaign would provide us with a really great base to move forward as a board game business. We would love to bring fun, innovate games to backers for years to come, so hopefully everyone will check out our game Cargo: Dead in the Water.”

For more information on Cargo: Dead in the Water, please check out the Kickstarter page by clicking here.