We are the guys at Cheese Block Games

theguys@cheeseblockHere we are theguys@cheeseblockgames (Chad on the left, Dave on the right) in front of our adoring fans. Actually it’s just us enjoying the atmosphere at a college football game.I thought we should introduce ourselves to everyone as we set out on our board game adventure. I (Chad) have been a teacher for seven years, while Dave has owned his own marketing/web design company for the past few years. We both love board games. Game nights with our friends have been something we have looked forward to for years. Every time we try a new game we analyze it to death, discussing ways we think the game might be better.

Well just under a year ago we decided to stop analyzing and start creating. It all started with a brief conversation about board games on “Kickstarter.” We saw new games coming on the market and thought that could be us. In the next few days we did a lot of brainstorming and soon enough our first board game was born…well sort of. It took a lot more than a few days for the whole thing to come together, but we were well on our way to creating the first of what will hopefully be many great board games.

Check in with us regularly over the coming weeks and months as we approach our launch on Kickstarter.com. We will be sharing more details about how our game came to be, pictures of our early prototypes, sneak peeks of our first game, and we may even let you chime in on some of the decisions yet to be made. Also, we will reveal the name of the next great board game. Until then keep it cheesy.