What’s the Hold Up


It feels like it’s been about six months since I started telling people that our game will be available in about a month, so I guess I’ve got some explaining to do. First off, we are committed to building a quality game. We do not want to launch our game until we are truly happy with every aspect of it, and have covered all of our bases. Secondly, there have been more things to learn, prepare for, and design then we initially thought. Thirdly, at this point we are still doing this as a hobby. We would like to make this our full-time jobs, but for now David has commitments to the clients of his marketing company, and I have commitments to the students that I teach.


So what’s left? Well, we have a list of EIGHT things left to do. Here it is:


Print & Play: We need to design a version of the game that will sell for less money, but can be printed at home by our customers on their own printers.


T-shirts: One of the reward levels that we would like to include on our kickstarter campaign is for t-shirts. We are still working out a design for these shirts, and we need to find a manufacturer.


Box Prototype: We need to design our box and figure out exactly what we want to include on the box.


Final Game Board Prototype: We had hoped that our last prototype of the game board would be the final one, but there are still some minor details that we would like to change to make it that much more appealing.


Game Reviews: If you’re following us on facebook you probably noticed the recent post with our game review from Cloak and Meeple, but that is not the only review we are having done. Father Geek was also kind enough to do a review. Their review is complete, but we have asked them to publish their review at the same time as our game launch to maximize its marketing effect. Our two prototypes are now in the hands of boardgaming.com and Meeple Nation for two more reviews.


KickStarter Page: We have now shot our promotional video, but there is lots of editing and graphic work that still needs to be done. We have also written much of the content, but we need to pick through that with a fine-toothed comb to be sure we haven’t left anything important out.


Marketing & Advertising: Many hours of research have been put in to reading blogs and posts in board gaming forums to learn about the best way to market and advertise a new board game. Now we just need to see that plan out. Before we launch our game we will ramp up the promotion of our game on board game forums, facebook groups, and board game websites, primarily Board Game Geek.


Setting our Kickstarter Goal: For quite some time we believed that we would need to try to raise about $75,000 in order to publish our game. This was because our manufacturer required a minimum order of 2500 copies of the game. Just this week we received a quote from a new manufacturer that would allow us to print a minimum of 1000 copies of Cargo. Some final calculations still need to be worked out, but this may allow us to cut our goal in half.


So that’s what has been the hold up, but I assure you we have been hard at work, and we are slowly picking away at this list. An official release date will be announced in the next week or so, although I have said that before. Keep it cheesy.